Got A Youku Router

Bought a Youku router hoping i could watch youku video again.

Can’t bear with China Tietong ISP’s poor speed for watching Youku video, I bought a Youku router hoping it could liberate me from suffering. And Youku also advertises that this Youku router can earn Youku credits by consuming your free uploading bandwidth. Then you can exchange Youku VIP membership with your Youku credits. That sounds good.

A Little Twists

Ordered on 12 May and Youku dispatched the router at night. Pretty soon. It came form Shenzhen and was handled by Yuantong Express, really fast delivery. Got it on 14 May, which is only 2 days after I placed my order.

When I placing my order, it’s a little bit disappointed that the advertise shows there is only white colors are available, which I prefer a black color one.

When I opened up the package, a black Youku router came out. LOL, it’s really nice.
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Combat Spam Comments With .htaccess

I’ve already tried of spam comments. Then I googled a way to combat it. By disabling Direct Access to wp-comments-post.php with .htaccess , it may prevent some autobots sending spam comments to my blog.

Here is the code:

(Credit: Cats Who Code)

Hope this can also help you guys prevent spam comments.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Blog Host

If you follow Jingwen’s Blog, you may have decided that the time has come to start your own blog and see if you can make some money. Before you start the blog though, you must find a web host. How do you go about doing this? What factors should you consider? Here are five factors any blogger should look for when choosing a host. Continue reading “Factors to Consider When Choosing a Blog Host”

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There are many people and businesses that are interested in creating a website. It is very important that they take the time to choose a good hosting company. They can read Jingwen’s Blog for information about how to choose a hosting company. There are many hosting companies that advertise their services. Rates can vary greatly as well as the types of services offered.

It is a good idea to work with a hosting company that has been in business for a while. When working with a brand new company there is more risk that they will go out of business. A new company does not have a proven record of providing reliable service. A stable company that has been in business for years has a lower risk of going out of business. They will more than likely have discovered how to attract and retain customers.

The ability to have access to a good customer service team is imperative when shopping for a hosting company. Jingwen’s Blog has a lot of information in regards to starting and running a business. Working with a company that provides good service can save a lot of headaches. It should be easy to get into contact with a representative and they should be polite and helpful.

When deciding which hosting company to choose, it is important to research a prospective company’s reputation. There are many places where a person can look to find reviews of a company. People who have worked with the company before may post information regarding how long it took for them to speak with a representative when contacting the company by telephone or how long it took for them to receive a response from a company by e-mail. Look for reviews that give detailed information about how much a person was satisfied or unsatisfied with the service that they received.

Having the ability to upload information to a website using several different methods may be an important feature that a person may want to have when selecting a web hosting company. Online managers can take longer to upload large volumes of information but they are very easy to use. Using FTP may be a more flexible option. The option to use either method may be desirable.

Learn About Hosting Options on Jingwen’s Blog

Choosing the right hosting service for your blog is just as important as what you write in your blog. The wrong hosting service can lead to downtime for your website or even reduce the amount of visitors that you get because the service itself doesn’t rank well in search engines. Learning about the right hosting services from sources like Jingwen’s Blog ensures that you’re learning what you need to know from someone that’s already a successful blogger.

When you first start out blogging, you can choose a free blog hosting service as your main blog source. This is an excellent way to start because without any followers or ads, you’re not going to be making any money off of your blog initially. You don’t want to spend any money until you know you can start making it back. What’s more, free blog hosting ensures that your lack of knowledge about creating a blog site doesn’t interfere with the successful launch of your blog. Once you’ve created a following and you want to go to a paid hosting service, your readers will follow you, especially if you announce it on your current blog and link to your new blog from there.

Once you start looking for a service to pay for your blogging, you have several considerations. First of all, you need to decide whether you want a dedicated server, shared server or a virtual dedicated server.

A dedicated server is a server that you don’t share with any other websites. It’s by far the fastest and most comprehensive option for website, however, it is also the most expensive. A shared hosting plan is when you share your server with many other websites. You have limits on bandwidth usage and website size as well; this is the least expensive hosting option. A virtual dedicated server is a shared server but it’s compartmentalized in such a way that it acts like a dedicated server. This is a very affordable option that allows for more flexibility than a shared server does.

If you want to learn more about starting a successful blog, you should check out Jingwen’s Blog. You’ll learn about how to write a blog, how to capture people’s attention and more. Most importantly, you can learn how to make it earn money for you.

A Boy Major in English

今天Young Free就给大家揭秘。

He is always being jealous of.

Only because of he major in English.

And all other guys thought that a boy major in English should be like this


Handsome, surrounded by sexy girls

Maybe some one thought it would be like this


The truth is


Simple, but forever


Die another day

James Bond must have had thousands of bullets aimed at him over the course of his movie career. He must be the most shot-at fictional film hero of all. Can anybody calculate the odds of him not having taken a fatal hit over the past five decades? Surely they are astronomical.

James Bond must have had thousands of bullets aimed at him over the course of his movie career. He must be the most shot-at fictional film hero of all. Can anybody calculate the odds of him not having taken a fatal hit over the past five decades? Surely they are astronomical.

• There is some ambiguity over how many gunshots have been fired at James Bond because, in many gunfights, it is not clear who the shots are aimed at. However, by my reckoning, in the 22 Bond films to date, there have been at least 4662 shots fired at our hero. A static well-aimed shot would almost certainly have proved lethal, but assuming all 4662 were "on the run", the probability of a single fatal shot is about 5 per cent. That is, the chance of a single shot missing is 0.95, and hence the probability of all shots missing is 0.954662 or 1.4 × 10-104, which is as close to zero as makes no difference.

Apart from gunshots there have been 130 dastardly attempts to kill Bond. Factor that in, and you have a really small probability. For the record, Bond has also slain 198 villains, creating yet another bizarre improbability.

Gordon Stanger, Solomon Islands

What is even more remarkable about the statistics involved here, is that somebody has bothered to count the shots fired at Bond – Ed

Mr. Bond is supposed to avoid hit like this:


However the turth may be like this:


Via: New Scientist